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Nick Fielding

Watch it pay for itself over and over and over again.

Like most store owners – I’ve always known I need to put more work into my store’s conversion rate, but I’ve always put it off in favor of sending more traffic.

I just didn’t really know how to start, and how to be systematic about it.

Enter Bradley’s checklist.

A complete no-brainer for any store owner – apply the information here and watch it pay for itself over and over and over again.

Uncover Your Store's Conversion Killers

Uncover Your Shopify Store Conversion Killers

Because you’re in the trenches of your business and you more than likely have built your store from the ground up, it’s hard for you to see it as your visitors do.

But the truth is, you’re surrounded by simple obvious solutions and opportunities that can dramatically increase your income. The problem is that you just don’t see them—yet.

Not only that but, many store owners simply expect their visitors to “notice the shipping costs” or easily find the answers to the myriad of questions going through their prospects’ minds, “it’s all there on the website”.

But the truth is, there are only two reasons why your visitors aren’t converting

  1. Poor user-experience – it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site looks, if the user experience is broken, users will bounce straight back to Google to find a better site or just give up altogether.
  2. They weren’t persuaded – either by the price, the product/service or your company.


My checklist helps you to easily identify your store’s conversion killers and helps you remove any sales killing ‘nuke buttons’.

Over 241 Example Screenshots from Top Converting Shopify Stores

Telling you what you should be doing to skyrocket your conversion, AOV or customer lifetime value is one thing but showing you is another…

I’ve compiled a library of 241 (and growing) screenshots and videos showing you exactly how top performing Shopify stores are executing the recommendations from my checklist.

This way all the guesswork is taken out and you’ll know exactly what to test or implement to rapidly grow your sales and profits.


Will Perkins
I see a lot of content, courses, and guides in the e-commerce and internet marketing space. It’s rare to find non-rehashed material that’s actually original.

Serious props to Brad for putting out quality work. I’m personally a HUGE fan of the store examples.

This is pure gold, plain and simple.

This alone would be worth the full cost of the checklist for us, the insights are just unreal for us. Keep it up Brad, you’ve got a gem on your hands here!
Shopify Custom Theme Development

Why Your Margins Are Getting Squeezed

The Rising Cost of Advertising

You already know that the online gold rush is over and the Google and Facebook Gods make getting traffic to your site harder every day.

Your ROAS is tanking and the cost-per-acquisition for every new customer has skyrocketed since you started out.

In today’s overcrowded market, simply focusing on buying more traffic—whether it’s organic or paid, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

This is why most Shopify store owners are seeing their profits squeezed every year. And this will inevitably continue, as more players enter the market and Google grows increasingly immune to all the overworked SEO approaches that used to get results.

You need a new approach to growing your business that works better. And that is why I created this checklist to help you quickly identify the correct “levers to pull” to improve your ROAS and reduce your cost-per-acquisition.


A Much Faster Way for Your Store to Achieve Market Dominance

You’ve already done the hard part by having an established store. You’re 99% of the way there!

I know it may not feel that way at times. Especially when Google’s just slapped you with yet another algorithm update and your Facebook advertising costs are going through the roof.

But if you embrace the simple principles of conversion rate optimization that I show you, you will have taken the first step towards gaining a slight-edge that steadily becomes a gaping chasm between you and your closest competitors.

You see, competing for traffic is a fairly even playing field unless you’re head-to-head with behemoths like Amazon and eBay. But out-converting your competitors is the stealth tactic that takes them by complete surprise and will remain a complete enigma to them.

When it comes to e-commerce, the market dominator gets the biggest slice of the pie whilst everyone else fights over the scraps.

And for you to be three times more profitable than your competitors it doesn’t mean you have to be three times better than them. You only have to be marginally better.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Shopify

How Minor Adjustments Can Add Up to Big Profits

Kevin Stecko
We had a 20% lift in conversions just from making our site search bar more prominent! If you need to grow a web business, work with Bradley.

Don’t underestimate the power of making a series of seemingly small improvements to compound-effect your bottom line.

Admittedly, not all 308 items on my checklist are million dollar ideas on their own.  Many are small but no less significant suggestions that when compounded together can have a dramatic impact on your overall conversion rate or AOV.

Obviously, you won’t end up implementing all the checklist items as some simply won’t apply to your store…

But it only takes one well executed idea to significantly alter the trajectory of your growth

For example, just one winning idea can bring in a 56.3% improvement in your conversion rate (see screenshot). 

But even if you don’t knock it out of the park with one big idea, one per cent here, half a per cent there may seem inconsequential but each tweak compounds on the last to add up to a significant improvement.

Follow my simple checklist to quickly identify where you should focus your attention for the greatest return on effort.

18+ Years of e-commerce CRO Experience Has Been Distilled Down into this 308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist

With 18+ years of e-commerce CRO experience, my list of every conversion multiplying, AOV-boosting, lifetime value-lifting element that any Shopify store could test or implement as brought in $300m+ in extra revenue for my clients.

Based on the results of hundreds of split-tests, thousands of store owners have had the benefit of using this proven checklist to know exactly what helps and what hurts their profits and to cut out all the trial and error.

308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist

Here Are Just a Few of the 308 Checklist Items

308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist Annotated
Every pixel is absolutely deliberately placed to increase your store's conversions, Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value

Run a Shopify Agency & Want to Blow Your Client's Socks Off? Use My Checklist to Audit Your Clients' Stores

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, handing your client a comprehensive CRO audit of their store is going to make them sit up and pay attention.

Some use it to win new clients by using the audit as a tool to showcase their experience and what they can do.  Others use it to add value to their existing service offerings.

Either way, each of the 308 items on the checklist is potentially a task that your clients will pay you to implement.

Shopify Developer

Why On Earth Should You Listen to Me?

I’ve been architecting high-converting stores since 2005 and also worked with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands to help double and sometimes even triple their conversion rates.

I also masterminded the Shoptimized™ Theme, the #1 unofficial Shopify theme based on the results of hundreds of split-tests.

I’m obsessive about conversions and I’ve developed a unique methodology for reliably and consistently growing stores’ revenues and profits.

Annoyingly, the fruits of running meaningful A/B split-tests are reserved for high-traffic stores with big budgets (it’s a statistics thing).  This is a frustration I’ve had since working with the world’s leading CRO agency, Conversion Rate Experts as a consultant on some of the internet’s largest brands.  

Creating my 308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist means I can share all of my e-com CRO experience with you and help you shortcut the tedious learning curve of knowing what works.  This way you can take your store to the next level without having to pay exorbitant consultancy fees.

Ready to Lift Your Store’s Conversion Rate & Average Order Value Like Never Before?

308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist

“The Most In-Depth Shopify Conversion Checklist on the Web”

Get My Proven 308-Point Checklist That Covers Every Page of Your Shopify Store

Free Bonuses:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

CRO Audit

Need an end-to-end Shopify CRO audit?

Starting from $4,700
Get a fully custom audit of your Shopify store and includes:

Subject to availability – I am currently maxed out with client work and don’t have availability until mid-July 2023. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel safe trying out my Shopify Conversion Checklist, so I’m giving you an entire 30 days to test drive it, and get the results you deserve.

If, after 30 days of applying at least 5 of the conversion-boosting strategies that I give you, you’re not seeing any measurable results, then send me an email.  I’ll spend 30 minutes looking at what you’ve done, and I’ll aim to find the problem and fix it. If I still can’t solve the problem, I’ll grant you an immediate 100% refund on the spot.

Please note that I cannot offer refunds for buyers that have no reasonable reason to refund.  In order to process your refund, I will ask to see that you legitimately tried to use my Shopify Conversion Checklist and that it didn’t work for you, in any way.


Definitely not!  Every store is different with unique products and unique visitors. Because of this, some of the items on my checklist simply won’t apply to you so you can skip them.

Plus, glibly making changes to your store is never a good idea.  You need to measure the changes scientifically.

In an ideal world, you would split-test every change to your store to know to the penny whether the change helps or hurts your profits. 

Unfortunately, split-testing is usually only feasible for stores doing over 50 orders a day so it’s not always possible to be as scientific as you’d like. 

My checklist is designed to help you quickly get to 50 orders or more a day (if you’re not there aren’t already) by helping you identify the changes that will have the biggest effect for the least amount of effort. 

If you’re comfortably doing more than 50 orders a day, the checklist is ideal for helping you identify your biggest testing opportunities and prioritizing your testing roadmap.

Absolutely! My boutique agency specializes in Shopify but we’ve had people use the checklist for WooComemrce, BigCommerce and Magento stores too as the principles run true for any e-commerce store, no matter which platform.

The checklist is behind a membership area of our website.  You can save your progress as you work your way through each of the 308-points.

You’ll receive an email straight after checking out with a link and login.

For sure, providing an in-depth CRO audit for your clients’ stores provides a huge amount of value to them and helps identify areas for you to work on.

Absolutely, most newer stores don’t have the traffic or budget for split-testing or hiring CRO consultants so my checklist will help you get beyond 6-figures much faster.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands over the past 18 years in e-commerce.

And I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies to double and sometimes even triple their online revenue.

Just one, well executed idea from my checklist could be worth millions in extra sales and profits.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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