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The Definitive Shopify Store UI Template

Need to Customize Your Shopify Theme to Unlock Your Store’s Full Potential?
Turn More Clicks into Customers With My Definitive Shopify Store UI Template
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
James Fearn
We followed Bradley’s template for our long-overdue redesign and conversions are way up. Our developers had everything they needed with the Figma design to achieve what we wanted. Highly recommended.

Standard Shopify Themes Are Often Beautiful But They’re Not Conversion-Focused

It’s no secret that Shopify makes a significant portion of its profits from app revenue. For this reason, you won’t find any high-leverage conversion tools built into an official Shopify theme. Shopify wants you to add apps for that because they make 20% from every app subscription you’re currently paying.

What’s more, many conversion-boosting features like sticky Add-to-cart buttons, exit pop-ups, countdown timers and back-in-stock notifications to name a few, can easily be coded into your theme. This way you can stop paying hundreds a year for needless app subscriptions. My UI template gives you proven designs for these important features.

Sidebar: Shopify’s 20% cut on app revenue is the #1 reason why you won’t find my Shoptimized Theme on the official Shopify Theme Store. It has 30+ conversion-boosting features built-in that cannibalize Shopify’s app revenue because you no longer need costly app subscriptions.  The Shoptimized™ Theme has helped more than 50,000 Shopify stores to skyrocket their conversions.

But if you’re reading this page it’s because you want to customize your existing theme or build a custom theme from the ground up rather than switch to another standard theme…

Nearly Every Top Shopify Store Uses a Custom Theme, Here's Why...

Having worked with dozens of top Shopify brands over the last few years, the one thing that they have in common is that they’re all using a custom-built theme.

Why? Because they quickly realized that standard themes are great to get you off the starting blocks but limited.  As soon as your business starts to scale, you need to create custom solutions to maximize the profits your store makes.

And with my Definitive Shopify UI Template you will massively shortcut the design process of developing your own custom theme AND ensure none of the essential profit-pulling features that your store needs are missed like with typical graphic designers.

Shopify Custom Theme Development

Most Designers Don’t Possess the Skills to Create Something That’s Beautiful and and Converts

Traditional graphic design vs conversion-focused design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Sales Funnels
  • Human Psychology
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Customer Retention
  • UI/UX Design
  • Heuristics
  • Analytics…


These are just some of the skillsets a top-performing CRO must possess.

So when you put your faith in a graphic designer to redesign your store, expecting them to deliver a striking design and include all of the above it’s like a shot in the dark.

But with my UI template, all of that is taken care of. All your designer needs to do is adapt the template to your brand.

"Can You Make My Store Do This?"

As the owner of a boutique Shopify design and development agency, I get asked this question all the time.  

Because of this, I see a distinct pattern in how most clients approach customizations to their store…

They know what they want (often because a competitor is doing it) and it’s too small of a change to justify a designer getting involved so they give the example to a developer—bypassing the design stage. The customization then gets functionally implemented but with little consideration for the design.

Over time, they end up with lots of customizations that have been ‘Frankensteined’ together without a cohesive design.  The stores looks disjointed and the overall ‘brand feel’ is lost.

That’s why I created the Definitive Shopify Store UI Template to help you get all the conversion-boosting features you need in-place without making a mess of your store…

18-Years of E-Commerce CRO Experience & Over 100 Hours of Design Time Went in to Creating This Template for You

Shopify UX Designer

My UI/UX designer and I worked shoulder-to-shoulder to get every element pixel-perfect and optimized to multiply your conversions, skyrocket your average order value and lift customer lifetime value like never before.

I’ve poured everything I’ve learned from adding over $100mm in new revenue across dozens of Shopify stores and doubling and sometimes even tripling their conversion rates into this UI template.

This way you can be confident that only what helps with increasing conversions and boosting your AOV is included and anything that hurts them has been left out.

Every Conversion Boosting Element From My Bestselling 308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist Has Been Included

With 18+ years of e-commerce CRO experience, I compiled a list of every conversion multiplying, AOV-boosting, lifetime value-lifting element that any Shopify store could test or implement.

Based on hundreds of split-tests and over $100m in extra revenue, thousands of store owners have had the benefit of using this proven checklist to know exactly what helps and what hurts their profits and to cut out all the trial and error.

But I took it a step further by creating this UI template to help shortcut the process of architecting the perfect custom elements, sections or theme for your Shopify store.

Every pixel in the template is absolutely deliberate, nothing is by chance so you have total confidence that implementing any part of it will dramatically increase your store’s sales and profits.

308-Point Shopify Conversion Checklist

What You Get With The Definitive Shopify Store UI Template

Over 58+ Conversion-Optimized Pages/Page Elements
Every pixel is absolutely deliberately placed to increase your store's conversions, Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value

Maximize Your Store's Email Opt-in Rate & Average Order Value

Upsells, Pop-Ups, 'Reasons to Buy' & Social Proof Elements Are All Included
Leverage the proven power of cross-sells, upsells and colelcting more email addresses.

Give This Easy-to-Follow Template to Your Designer or Developer and Let Them Build You a Beautiful Page-Element, Section or Entire Store

Simply share this template with your designer and they can quickly tweak or adapt it to your brand.  They can easily change the colors, fonts or even  the position of any page element.

Everything has been laid out for them to effortlessly tweak or change what you need and delete what you don’t.

Plus, the Figma file you receive is loaded with tips and advice on persuasive copywriting and which apps I recommend to best implement certain features.

Shopify Conversion Tips

Why On Earth Should You Listen to Me?

I’ve been architecting high-converting stores since 2005 and also worked with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands to help double and sometimes even triple their conversion rates.

I also masterminded the Shoptimized™ Theme, the #1 unofficial Shopify theme based on the results of hundreds of split-tests.

I’m obsessive about conversions and I’ve developed a unique methodology for reliably and consistently growing stores’ revenues and profits.

Annoyingly, the fruits of running meaningful A/B split-tests are reserved for high-traffic stores with big budgets (it’s a statistics thing).  This is a frustration I’ve had since working with the world’s leading CRO agency, Conversion Rate Experts as a consultant on some of the internet’s largest brands.  

Creating the Definitive Shopify Store UI Template means I can share all of my e-com CRO experience with you so you can take your store to the next level without having to pay exorbitant consultancy fees.

Ready to Lift Your Store’s Conversion Rate & Average Order Value Like Never Before?

Single License

“Use my template for a single store”

Get My Proven Template for Every Pre-Checkout Page of Your Store

Mobile-First, Desktop & Tablet Design Includes:

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Custom Design

Need a custom Shopify theme design?

Starting from $7,500+
Get a fully optimized Shopify theme design for maximum conversions, AOV & CLTV and includes:

Subject to availability – I am currently maxed-out with client work and don’t have availability until mid-July 2023. 

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Use my UI template to optimize any element, section or page of your store or even use it for a custom theme design. If it doesn’t skyrocket your conversion rate, customer lifetime value or AOV, I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.


No, you’re getting access to a Figma file that you or your designer can tweak, change and customize to suit your brand and the exact features you need to boost your store’s conversions and AOV. You will need a developer to convert the polished design into the code for a custom element, section or entire theme of your own.

Absolutely! My boutique agency specializes in Shopify but we’ve had people use the templates for WooComemrce, BigCommerce and Magento stores too as the principles run true for any e-commerce store no matter which platform.
The template has been crafted in Figma so you or your designer can easily edit it. You’ll receive an email straight after checking out with a link to the template.

We’ve built the template so sections and elements can easily be added or deleted to suit your needs. For example, if you don’t offer subscriptions simply delete those elements.

The fonts and colours are easily updated to fit your brand.

Yes, Figma is the new industry standard for web designers (no more clunky Photoshop files) and makes it easy for developers to bring your design to life.
No, because Shopify’s checkout layout is on lockdown for the most part. Shopify Plus merchants can customize certain elements but not everything.
No, you can just cherry-pick what’s applicable to your store and your business and leave the rest.
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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